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Texas History: The Texas Roots of Cinco de Mayo

The Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862 - Zaragoza sent a message to Juarez in Mexico City telling of his triumph: “Las armas nacionales se han cubierto de gloria!” – “The arms of the nation have been covered with glory.”

House and Senate Ironing Out Final Budget Details

The House and Senate versions of the Budget are not far off. The House approved a budget of $178 billion and the Senate approved one of $182 billion. The two houses have now begun the difficult negotiations merging the two. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Speaker Joe Straus have each approved conference committees to discuss the plans.

Legislation Would Allow Women Seeking Abortions to See Ultrasound, Hear Heartbeat

SB 182 would expand the state’s informed consent law, which currently requires women to be informed of health consequences of abortions. The new requirement would be added on top of that. The legislation does not require the woman to view the information if she chooses not to.

A Chilling Effect on U.S. Counterterrorism

Our contacts in the intelligence community report that the release of the memos has had a discernible “chilling effect” on those in the clandestine service who work on counterterrorism issues.

Texas Republic News Blog

Legislation Would Drop Capital Murder in Cases Where Women Suffer from Postpartum Psychosis
The Texas House of Representatives could soon consider a measure that could allow some women who kill their infants after birth to get out of prison in a mere six months to two years by claiming postpartum psychosis as a defense. Opponents of the legislation say the bill comes close to decriminalizing murder of an infant.

Re-Thinking School Accountability: Plan Would Move Away From TAKS-Only Standard
A new public school accountability plan for Texas would move Texas away from relying solely on a single test to measure student and school performance and would instead place greater emphasis on college readiness and competence in the core curriculum. The Texas Legislature took up the issue in both House and Senate on Wednesday, passing HB 3 and SB 3 respectively.

Hutchison Wants to Secede... From the Federal Gas Tax
Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has filed legislation to give states the option to bail out of the federal highway system and keep their gasoline tax dollars for themselves. That would mean billions of dollars in new revenue for the cash-strapped Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Obama's First Hundred Days and U.S. Presidential Realities
While many of his followers may be dismayed, and while many of his critics might be unwilling to notice, the fact is that a single concept dominated Obama’s first hundred days: continuity.

Legislature Seeks to Fight Human Trafficking
"SB 89 gives law enforcement the tools they need to recognize the victims of human trafficking and to prosecute those that prey on the innocent,” Van de Putte said. “I look forward to working with Representative Thompson, who has championed this cause in the House, Governor Perry, and Attorney General Abbott.

Texas Senate Approves Merit-Based Grading
The Texas Senate has passed a measure to require that all Texas schools base their grading systems on merit alone. The measure comes in the wake of revelations by teachers and others that some schools had instituted grading systems where no one fails.

State Board of Education Pulls Reins on “Radical” Curriculum Group
The Texas State Board of Education on Wednesday came down with a reprimand on its social studies curriculum working group after a draft proposal of the group’s new curriculum came to light showing a series of far-left changes that education bureaucrats wanted to install in place of the traditional Texas social studies curriculum.

Sshhh! Perry: There’s a Better Plan, and Even Texas Monthly Might Like It
The January, 1975 issue of Texas Monthly, in fact, is entirely devoted to the idea of Texas secession. Evidently, back then, that loaded buzzword “secession” didn’t have all the evil and racist connotations that the sage of the lone star magazine world seems to think it does today. Burka should know this. After all, in 1975, he was on the Texas Monthly staff as one of the magazine’s five Senior Editors.

Unbreaking the Logjam on "Social Issues" Bills
The legislative process is never fast and pretty, but many conservatives were growing restless with the House State Affairs Committee’s pace for hearing so-called “social” legislation such as abortion, immigration and legislation that re-affirms state sovereignty.

Torture and the U.S. Intelligence Failure
The fundamental question remains unanswered, and may remain unanswered. When a president takes an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” what are the limits on his obligation?

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