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News From the World of Yoga Mats

In China, 150 yogis perform asanas over the abyss

In Beijing, about 150 fans of yoga staged a mass occupation on a high-rise glass platform, located above a stone gorge of 396 meters deep. After completing asanas, they celebrated the International Yoga Day, reports the Daily Mail.

Enthusiasts from China came together at the Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge to synchronously perform various asanas on their yoga mats. In 2017, the festival was celebrated with mass master classes and trainings in Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and other countries of the world.

The Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge was opened in May 2016. It is noted that this is the largest transparent observation platform in the world - its area is about 32 square meters. In December 2014, the UN General Assembly proclaimed June 21st to be and International Yoga Day. The corresponding resolution was introduced by India and has received unanimous support. Earlier in June, it became known that the lush-shaped resident of the American state of North Carolina became famous in social networks due to the posts of photos and videos of her yoga classes. A woman has a page in Instagram, where she shows her workouts. 28-year-old Jessamyn Stanley applies to her subscribers to abandon the stereotypes associated with obese people.

The UN Secretariat was decorated with a picture of yoga asanas

The image of the "Parvatasana" pose, or so-called "pose of the mountain", was projected onto the facade of the Secretariat of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The action is timed to the International Yoga Day.

The image of the woman performing the exercise on yoga mats, and the inscription International Yoga Day appeared on the facade of the 39-story building on the evening of Sunday, June 19th. This was written on Twitter page by the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, Siid Akbaruddin, the report says.

On the International Yoga Day yoga classes will be organized at the UN's New York headquarters. It is expected that representatives of 100 different countries will take part in them. During the celebrations, ambassadors and diplomats will talk about how yoga affected their lives.

The Indian Consulate also organizes yoga sessions in schools, temples and two New York airports, named after John F. Kennedy and Newark Liberty.

International Yoga Day is celebrated annually on June 21 starting from 2015. The resolution on its celebration was made by India in 2014, it was supported by all 175 states represented at the UN General Assembly.

Frankfurt Airport has opened yoga classrooms

In Germany's largest airport, Frankfurt am Main international airport, passengers are offered to take off stress before the flight by visiting yoga rooms. Two big rooms are specially equipped with all necessary workout equipment for performing exercises (yoga mats, special blocks, pillows, floor-to-ceiling mirrors). In addition, there are installed screens that broadcast the comments of teachers for training. Here you can also find the leaflets with instructions for doing the exercises. The rooms are open round the clock and are located in the first terminal between the gates 14C and 16C, as well as in the second terminal near the gates 1D and 4D. Training is free for all travelers. London's Gatwick Airport offers passengers a similar service too.

Yoga helps control blood sugar levels

Yoga is very useful for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. American scientists analyzed the data of 25 studies conducted in different countries, and concluded that yoga helps control blood sugar levels.

In addition, yoga reduces the level of oxidative stress, blood pressure, positively affects lung function, autonomic nervous system, sleep and quality of life. Moreover, regular yoga classes allow people with diabetes to take less medicine.

Meanwhile, the researchers emphasize that further research is needed in this direction because yoga still can’t substitute certain exercises using workout equipment prescribed for those suffering from diabetes.