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What’s Up with Democrats and Definitions? (Denise McNamara)

Iran's View of Obama (Stratfor Global Intelligence)

Representative McClendon Endorses Lawsuit against Public Safety Commission (St. Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon)

How to Save Texas Consumers a Lot of Money (Bill Peacock, TPPF)

Perry Was Right to Reject “Cheese Heroin” Stimulus Funds (James Bernsen, TRN)

We Are Exactly Who The Founders Were Trying To Protect Us From (Bill Keffer)

Proposed Legislation Clouds Texas’ Transparency Award (James Armstrong, Americans for Prosperity-Texas)

All Education Reform Is Not Equal - Many Roads Do Not Lead To Rome (George Scott Reports)

Proposal to Stop the Diversion of the Gasoline Tax (State Rep. Ken Paxton)

Medical collection agency introduces new solutions and services in New York
ZHL Group, Inc Launches and Updates New Website in New York

Daily Blog Links

Tea Parties In The Great State of Texas (Americans For Prosperity)

When Are Women Going To Own Their Sexuality? (Dr. Melissa Clouthier)

The "Give Act." Not what it seems? (RightWingSparkle)

UT Football: Reggie Wilson: A Kid You Can Root For (Urban Grounds)

Reagan Address The O-ppeaser (Urban Grounds)

Y, why? (Collin County Observer)

Nelson’s Right Nerve (Michael Sullivan, Empower Texans)

Maintien de Austin très bizarre (Michael Sullivan, Empower Texans)

Gambling Interests Bet $7.6 Million On Texas Politicians In 2008 Cycle (Texas Lobby Watch)

Bait and Switch (Right Wing Sparkle)

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Evolution in Education: The Debate Rages On

The Texas State Board of Education ended months of wrangling over language to teach “strengths and weaknesses” of the theory of evolution by adopting compromise language.

TRN's own James Bernsen weighs in on the complex topic with a special editorial - Darwin, Evolution, and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Central America: An Emerging Role in the Drug Trade

While the United States remains the top destination for South American-produced cocaine, and Mexico continues to serve as the primary transshipment route, the path between Mexico and South America is clearly changing.

HB1893 Gets Committee Hearing on Monday

Legislation that would allow some students and teachers to carry concealed handguns on campus will get its first big test in the halls of the Capitol this week.

Texas Republic News Blog

Unemployment Insurance Stimulus Funds: Boon for Texas or Taxes “To Infinity and Beyond”
Legislators from both sides of the aisle squared off in a debate over the controversial unemployment insurance stimulus funds recently rejected by Gov. Rick Perry. Thursday, the Texas Public Policy Foundation held a policy primer on the issue featuring a debate between three legislators.

New Driver's License Rules Targeted by Democrats, Minority Groups
Major changes in government don’t always happen in the legislature, and not always amid the glare of media attention and fanfare. Administrative law is one of the most important – yet obscure – ways to reform or do mischief.

Eight Years of Quietly Re-Inventing Government
While most state agencies bleed red ink, the General Land Office is doing something most people don’t even know about: it’s generating black ink. As in profits to the state.

Video - Part 1 | Part 2

Best of the Blogs - March 30, 2009
A sampling of the best of the Texas blogosphere...

Senate Committee Approves Stimulus Funds Including Long-Term Costs
Despite a pre-session plea by conservatives to resist the temptation to spend stimulus funding on long-term items that could result in an expansion of government down the road, the Texas Senate Finance Committee agreed to a budget that includes just the same long-term costs that conservatives had railed against.

Best of the Blogs - March 25, 2009
A sampling of the best of the Texas Blogosphere...

Best of the Blogs - March 23, 2009
A sampling of the best of the Texas Blogosphere...

Texas Senate Passes Voter ID Bill
Over cries of protest by Democratic lawmakers and claims of “voter suppression” the Texas Senate passed legislation today requiring voters to present a photo ID in order to cast their ballots in Texas.

Legislative Lunacy - Part III
This week, it’s a Republican freshman from Houston, who gets the nod for the silliest legislative idea to come across our desk.

Daily Reads - Wednesday, March 18, 2009
A sampling of the news content out there today.

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