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Child Custody in Separation and Divorce

Separation or divorce-related issues are hard to all members of the family, especially for kids. They are most vulnerable under those transforming circumstances. Experienced divorce lawyers serving Newmarket, Aurora, Keswick, East Gwillimbury, Bradford and Georgina recommend searching for expertise and professional help of both divorce lawyers and family mediators, like psychologists, social workers or other to diminish the negative effect and even the emotional trauma. Here we will discuss what child custody is and how it can be helpful in your separation or divorce.

Either separation or divorce means that the family won’t live under the same roof as it was before. That is why in both cases family lawyers Keswick advise you to start negotiating with your spouse about all the related to parenting, custody, access and financial support issues as soonest to come to the final decision in the best interest of your kids.

In case of separation, which doesn’t require any legal filing, it’s better to contact a family lawyer Keswick to research all the details of your case and give a consultation on the properly made Separation Agreement. Although this contact can be done either orally or on paper, it could be more reasonable to hire a dedicated local family lawyer to prepare it due to all the provincial litigation procedures and norms in writing. This could give you a kind of better-safe-than-sorry feeling if your spouse starts to violate it one day.

As for the child custody issues and access, family lawyers Keswick should study all the details of the case to come up with the type of custody, that will be the most applicable and to the point. As a rule, family lawyers advise joint custody if the parents are cooperative on the main issues of their kids’ life. Although joint custody agreements can be somewhat similar, access issues, meaning staying with one parent and visiting another have always more individual approach.

You will definitely need to contact your family lawyer Keswick in case of one of the parents doesn’t want or have no possibility to bear and fulfill all the parenting duties duly. In this case, even on the stage of the Separation Agreement, the family lawyer will need to provide all the necessary evidence that the decision of the sole custody could be to the best interest of the kids in this family. In this case, all the financial support, property and other rights of the kids are considered and defined.

If your kids are twelve or older, divorce lawyers should ask their consent to stay with one of the parents. This is called a split custody.

If we take a divorce, this action requires a legal filing. This means that it would be better for you to work with the divorce lawyer Keswick, whatever role in litigation you have - plaintiff or defendant. The professional family lawyers can prove that your marriage is broken and can’t be repaired to grant you a divorce. Your divorce lawyer Keswick is able to protect your rights in full and negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for your kids.

In conclusion, it’s worth to mention that it would be better for all family members if parents can cooperate and decide all the custody-related issues amicably, divorce lawyers Keswick comment. In this case, during the period of separation, they will be able to come to the agreement and duly document it with the help of their divorce lawyer. If then one day the spouses would like to proceed with a divorce filing, it would be easier and less costly for your divorce lawyer to fight for your rights before the litigation and in court if needed.