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Professional vacuum cleaners are characterized by high power and performance, so that they can make cleaning of small and large areas in the shortest possible time at the private houses, offices, as well as at the premises of light and heavy industry companies. The selection of such a vacuum cleaner is a serious task. When choosing a professional equipment it is necessary to know its characteristics and features. The main differences between professional and household vacuum cleaner models are:

  • the strength of every detail and element
  • the ability to replace details easily
  • durability
  • professional vacuum cleaners designed to work in difficult conditions
  • professional floor scrubbers produced with the use of special alloys and materials (ceramic, brass, stainless steel, durable plastic)
  • the ability to collect all types of waste (depending on the model and its use)
  • the difference in price

It is necessary to note that some models have a built-in vacuum cleaners and steam generator, which let them perform function steam vacuum cleaner at the same time. Another kind of vacuum cleaners are devices that clean carpets and furniture with the foam. In this case, the surface is not cleaned with detergent and water, but with the help of special foam. This provides better end result, besides the treated surfaces dry out much faster - saving your time. In order to help you make the right choice of professional vacuum cleaners, lets consider the main types of this equipment more briefly: Professional vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. Quiet and powerful vacuum cleaners are designed for dry cleaning of carpets and hard floors from dirt and dust. The compact size and ease-to-use mechanism, combined with excellent performance characteristics will be appropriate for daily dry cleaning of large areas. The special air filtering system allows you to destroy disease-causing bacteria, sucking them with dust. The usage of specialized dry cleaning equipment, reduces cleaning costs and improve the quality of cleaning process. Brush vacuum cleaners are a kind of vacuum cleaners designed for dry cleaning, but they are more compact. This design provides long-term continuous operation. A significant improvement of the results achieved through the use of cleaning rotary brush. The brush vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning carpet tracks in hotels, offices and shopping centers.

Even in case you clean your carpeting floor every day, it may lose its attractive look over the time. For those who do not want to waste money on costly services of cleaning companies there is a professional steam vacuum cleaner. It is not only suitable for cleaning soft (carpet) and solid flooring (stone, ceramic tile and linoleum), but also for sucking dust. The advantage of these professional cleaners is that they use only pure water in the process of cleaning, and the dirty water collects in a separate container. This ensures effective removal of all kinds of dirt. Professional vacuum cleaners always have a large set of nozzles for more effective cleaning. As you can see, there are a lot of types of professional vacuum cleaners. The mian thing when choosing such kind of equipment is to find a reliable manufacturing firm. If you are about to purchase a professional vacuum cleaner, find out more about products of Comfort Vacuum Service Co Ltd in Toronto, at the address on the right.

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