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Ice making machines - the present from 19th century

Ice making machines long ago took their firm position in the sphere of catering, hotel, restaurant business, trade and food production. Today, it is possible to find a lot of ice making systems from different manufacturers on the market. Some of them are designed to produce great amounts of ice, for industrial needs, for example in a food industry, and other considered to be an indispensable professional equipment for bars, such as modular systems from Hoshizaki. These machines are so popular due to their excellent performance and technical features. The first person who brought humanity closer to the idea of cooling was the American John Gori. According to historians, John Gori was the USA doctor who worked in the clinic of Florida, where he studied tropical diseases. The climate in Florida was pretty hot, and because of this the patients experienced a lot of suffering. Wanting to help his patients, John Gori began the development of the unit that was able to cool the air. As a result, the inventor has created the world's first compressor. He constructed this machine for air cooling in order to help people suffering from yellow fever. It was July 14, 1850. Goris's invention could serve both as a freezer for ice production and for air conditioning.

Today, ice making machines designed for bars or restaurants does not take up an entire room, as there are a lot of ICE makers products for undercounter installation. In contrast to the world's first ice machine, these days there is a huge range of machines, which differ not only by the manufacturers, but also by type and purpose. So, one of the main criteria for the selection of industrial ice maker, which in any case can not be wrong - it's kind of ice produced.

Let's consider the types of ice that exist today. Ice cube machine is the most popular type of ice makers. The ice in this machines has the form of cube. That is why they considered to be an ice dispensers for bars, the cocktails are usualy made with this type of ice. Ice machine that produce ice of a pyramid form. Having a unique compact form, the ice cubes in the form of a pyramid look nice in any cocktail. Also this ice allows to make an ultra-cold cocktail or drink, as the area filled with ice is large. Another advantage is that the crumbles much faster in a blender. All this features make a pyramid ice an ideal type of ice for cocktails or smoothies. Flake ice machines, produce the small fragments of ice, which are ideal for shop windows lay out. Yes, the type of ice is one of the most important factors when selecting ice makers, but it is also very important to choose the reliable manufacturer.

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